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Groupwise 8 Client on Natty

    First download groupwise en client for linux... at
    In this example I downloaded the following version:
    Next run the following command to install Alien (which is needed to convert *.rpm files to *.deb in this case)...
    sudo apt-get install alien
    Change to the directory where the gw800_client_linux_en.tar.gz was downloaded to. Run the following command to extract the client:
    tar -xvf gw800_client_linux_en.tar.gz
    Once completely extracted, if you were to list out the directory it would resemble this:
    Change into the groupwise_8.0.0-84910_lnx_client_en/ directory and then run the following command:
    sudo alien -d *.rpm --scripts (This can take some time depending on how large the initial .rpm file is)
    You will see that the terminal will update you with the following information to let you know whether or not there is either an error, or the conversion had success.
    In this case I received the following confirmations:
    novell-groupwise-gwcheck_8.0.0-84911_i386.deb generated novell-groupwise-gwclient_8.0.0-84911_i386.deb generated
    Now to install the Groupwise Client in Natty.
    sudo dpkg -i novell-groupwise-gwclient_8.0.0-84911_i386.deb
    There is a static libstdc++5 depenency so you can search for libstdc++5 in either Software Center or by using apt-cache search.
    Install that and you should then be able to Launch Groupwise. Once you have logged out and logged back in an icon will appear on your Desktop. You will need to change permissions on the icon, in order for the actual icon to appear correctly. Hope this helps!