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HOW TO: Conky with LUA Clocks

    Here are the instructions for installing and configuring conky with lua clocks and NEURPOLI.ttf. You'll need to install conky-all, and use the attached tar.gz file. The steps in my example will be using only the Terminal. The easiest way is to open a Terminal using Ubuntu is by hitting CTRL+ALT+T (this will open your terminal default in your home /home/<username>).
    In order to install conky-all you will need to type the following:
    sudo apt-get install conky-all
    Next you'll pull down the tar.gz file using wget in the terminal by using this command:
    mv Downloads/Conky_New_Lua.tar.gz ~/
    Then issue the following command:
    tar -xvf Conky_New_Lua.tar.gz
    You should be able to see the files extract, The next command you'll issue in the terminal is:
    gnome-font-viewer NEURPOLI.ttf
    Gnome Font Viewer should open, in the lower right hand corner, you should see an Install button. Go ahead and click that. The button should give you feedback on whether or not the installation is successful. (If you ever download other fonts from the web and they fail to install using this same method, just make sure the .ttf extension is lower case and it should install fine). You should then be able to start the conky session by using this command:
    conky &


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