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How to: Running the Unreal Tournament Alpha on Ubuntu 15.04

    Hopefully a search got you here because you're interested in the game and how you can get it running on Ubuntu 15.04 (it might help with other Distro's as well).

    About my setup and installation:

    I am on an HP envy 17, i7 5th Gen. processor, I have replaced the stock HD with a samsung 850 SSD drive, 12 Gb of Ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce 840M.

    I downloaded the Alpha, I went to the UT Forums to find the links for the Alpha here.  I tried to download it by click on Linux Client link, but it kept failing. So  instead I used wget, and then wget with a "-c" option when it failed. Once it fails, just up arrow add the " -c", and hit enter to run it again (for those of you that haven't used this " -c" will allow the file to continue downloading from the previous progress.

    So do this first:


    Then this:

    wget -c

    Once completed, I created a UT4 directory in my home, and moved the file there.

    mkdir ~/UT4 && mv ~/Downloads/ ~/UT4

    Then extracted the files, you may need to install unzip through your preffered method. Then:


    Change your directory to the appropriate folder:

    cd ~/UT4/LinuxNoEditor/Engine/Binaries/Linux

    Change permissions on the UE4-Linux-Test file, you can either set them for just yourself or use my example below.

    chmod +x UE4-Linux-Test

    Then run the game like so:

    ./UE4-Linux-Test UnrealTournament -opengl4

    If this is your first time playing check out the Basic Training Section:

    Basic Training