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    How to: Running the Unreal Tournament Alpha on Ubuntu 15.04

    Hopefully a search got you here because you're interested in the game and how you can get it running on Ubuntu 15.04 (it might help with other Distro's as well).

    About my setup and installation:

    I am on an HP envy 17, i7 5th Gen. processor, I have replaced the stock HD with a samsung 850 SSD drive, 12 Gb of Ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce 840M.

    The New Unreal Tournament

    This past Saturday I met up with some friends over at the TrepHub and had a micro-LAN party. I realized that despite buying and playing some more recent Steam games, I have been pretty far removed from many of the latest releases in the PC gaming world. More than likely this is due to the fact that I no longer have a gaming PC that is capable of running many of todays optimized games.

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